Teaching opportunities

All graduate students are strongly encouraged to obtain teaching experience by participating in the departmental instructional program. Teaching experience may be obtained as a TA in Agronomy 100, 300 or 770, or as a volunteer in these or other departmental courses.

Credit may be received for teaching if the graduate student chooses to enroll in course 799, Practicum in Agronomy Teaching. This option is available every semester, can be taken for 1-3 credits, follows the conventional grading system, and requires the consent of the supervising instructor. The practicum consists of four principal phases which must be satisfied in order for credit to be awarded to a graduate student.

    • Instructional orientation,
    • Direct teaching experience,
    • Experience in testing and evaluation of students,
    • Analysis of the graduate student’s performance.

For a more complete description of the requirements, please see the folder “Practicum in Agronomy Teaching” available from the Chairman of the Teaching Committee.