Undergrad Courses

Current Curriculum Sheet and Example Four Year Plan

Course Guide

Departmental Courses

The Agronomy department offers a variety of courses designed to introduce you to different areas of study.

Course Number Course Name Taught
Agronomy 100 Principles and Practices of Crop Production Fall
Agron/Entom/Nutr Sci 203 Introduction to Global Health Fall/Spring
Agronomy 299 Independent Study Fall/Spring/Summer
Agronomy 300

Cropping Systems

Agronomy 302 Forage Management and Utilization Fall
Agron/Hort/Soil Sci 326 Plant Nutrition Management  Spring
Agron/Hort 338 Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Spring
Agron/Bot/Hort 340 Plant Cell Culture & Genetic Engineering Spring
AAE/Agron/Inter-AG/Nutr Sci 350 World Hunger and Malnutrition Spring
Agron/Entom/Hort/Pl Path/Soil Sci 354 Diagnosing & Monitoring Pests & Nutrient Status – Field Crops Spring
Agronomy 370 Grassland Ecology Fall
Agronomy 371 Managed Grazing Field Study Fall
Agronomy 375* Food Systems & Climate Change Spring
Agron/Hort 375* GMO Crops: Science, Regulation, and Controversy  Spring
Agronomy 377 Cropping Systems of the Tropics Spring
Agronomy 399 Coordinated Internship Fall/Spring/Summer
Agronomy 500 Senior Capstone Experience Spring
Agron/Hort 501 Principles of Plant Breeding Spring
Agron/Hort 502 Techniques in Plant Breeding  Spring
Agron/Atm Ocn/Soil Sci 532 Environmental Biophysics  Fall (odd)
Agronomy 681 Senior Honors Thesis  Fall/Spring
Agronomy 699 Special Problems in Agriculture  Fall/Spring/Summer

*375 courses are special topics courses.