Application Deadlines

Spring entry: September 1
Summer entry: December 1 
Fall entry: December 1 

*Do not submit an application after the deadlines without checking in with the program directly. Please email the Graduate Program Manager with questions.

General Requirements for Graduate Applicants

In general, the Agronomy Department follows the University’s minimum requirements for admission.

Candidates for graduate work are required to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an approved institution.  The minimum undergraduate GPA accepted for admission with full standing is 3.0 on a 4.0 basis.

Applicants are required to use the Graduate School’s online application and follow the application procedures. This includes submitting a statement of purpose.

To write the most effective personal statement, we suggest addressing these questions:
What is your personal motivation for choosing this field of study?
What makes it clear that you will thrive in a research-intensive graduate program?
What have you discovered and personally gained from your past research experience?
Which areas of Agronomy related research interest you the most?
Why is UW Agronomy the right fit for you?
Are there specific Agronomy trainers who you might like to work with? See our Faculty page for information on faculty specific research areas.

All applicants are required to have three letters of recommendation from persons who are able to judge the candidate’s ability to satisfactorily undertake graduate studies. If at all possible, two of the three letters should be from academic sources.

All applicants are required to have unofficial transcripts of academic records from each institution attended at time of application. Upon admittance, official transcripts must be sent to the Graduate School (school code 1846) as soon as possible. International academic records must be in the original language accompanied by an official English translation.  Documents must be issued by the school with the official seal/stamp and an official signature(s). Official transcripts are required and non-negotiable.

GRE scores are not required and will not be considered for admission to the Agronomy graduate program.

Application Fee Waiver

Domestic students who meet specific criteria may apply for fee waivers through the graduate school here. The Agronomy program also offers fee waivers for any self identifying underrepresented domestic students that do not meet the graduate school waiver requirements. We also offer fee waivers for self identifying underrepresented or low income international students. Please contact Caitlin Collies at for more information.


External Funding information can be found here.

Contacting Faculty

It is recommended that you contact faculty that you are interested in working with as soon as possible. Establishing an advisor/advisee relationship is a critical step in the application process as funding comes from the professor. If you have further questions about this process please contact Caitlin Collies at

Connect with PSGSC

We encourage prospective students to connect with their Agronomy program representative from the Plant Sciences Graduate Student Council if they are considering an RA offer or visiting campus to interview with faculty.