Mali Mahalingam


Ramamurthy (Mali) Mahalingam
Cereal Crops Research Unit
502 Walnut Street

Research Interests:

Abiotic stresses such as heat and drought cause significant crop yield losses.  We seek to identify and characterize novel germplasm sources with resistance to high temperature and water stress in barley. This research encompasses phenotyping, stress physiology, SNP genotyping, genome wide association analysis, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics.  Integrating data from these various platforms will provide a cogent understanding of the molecular mechanisms of resistance or tolerance to these abiotic stresses.  The novel germplasm resources identified and genes characterized in this research will be useful for developing improved varieties of barley that can thrive well under sub-optimal conditions and produce high quality seeds for the malting and brewing industry. Another aspect of our research program is investigating the biochemical role of reactive oxygen species during barley seed germination and during abiotic stresses and ultimately its impact on malting quality.

Teaching interests: Plant Genomics, Stress Physiology